MANRIS was founded in 2013 by Mandy Shulman and Risa Amar (Man + Ris). We are proudly Canadian owned and operated. Under the sales direction of Richard Amar, we are poised to be leaders in bringing the best of functional food and drink to the North American market. We are dedicated to sourcing and working with innovative brands and companies in our quest to help everyone live and enjoy a balanced lifestyle.


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Please email mandy@manrissales.com. We look forward to connecting with you.

My Fiancee has terribly bad TMJ (TMD). It has been thus far unfixable, we are north of 100K in dental and prosthodontic  work for her alone.  Her regularly jaw slips and pops out of the joint, I can barely image how she makes it through most days.  She has been prescribed every pain killer under the sun, nothing touches the jaw pain or headaches except Botox injected into specific jaw muscles to paralyze them and relieve pressure on the joint.  On top of this daily ordeal, she has had back to back influenza infections. She has coughed so much, her jaw is so sore (one can imagine the amount of work the jaw is forced to endure), all she can do is to push soft food into her mouth, chewing is out of the question. Last night on a whim she tried one bottle of CannaRelief ~30 minutes later she is at the table chomping down a meal like she has never ever had a jaw issue. She said her jaw felt good, no issues. Thank you.

I am a 26 year veteran ER Trauma Nurse and I also work MICPN/CCRT for 2 major production companies that produce, host and staff; the largest club events, concerts and festivals for the EDC movement in California and Nevada. I have been witness to many unfortunate incidents involving drug overdoses related to people over-indulging in illegal drugs and alcohol. When I was first approached about the product Cannarelief I won’t say that I was skeptical, but I was hesitant in its promises. After speaking with the company and agreeing to introduce this amazing product to the promoters and medical staff of the events that I work for, I was eager to see if what was promised could actually be delivered. I must say that without hesitation Cannarelief does work and is HIGHLY effective. I was given a shipment of samples to take to an event and after educating my staff about the benefits and rewards of the use of Cannarelief we put the product to the test. Now most of the patients that I see at the events are not candidates for this product; however, we do get some (much more than I originally thought or suspected), patients who have only indulged in excessive or first time use of cannabis, both inhaled and ingested. These are patients who present to me in a highly agitated state; very anxious and paranoid. Our usual protocol is to treat these patients with a Benzodiazepine which is a narcotic and carries its own negative side effects. Not to mention, that now these individuals must be monitored due to the fact that we know that they now have two known drugs on board. This process can hold up a patient and the numerous medical personnel it takes to care for them for hours. The trauma units at these events typically serve a patient base of 60-85,000 people, as you can imagine with a medical staff of 16-30 Nurses and Doctors that is a daunting task. After only one night we had completely exhausted the sample supply I was provided and the treatment of patients that presented who were candidates for this amazing product were treated and released back to the event in under an hour. This to me was INCREDIBLE!!! Where before we would have to monitor these patients for 4-6 hours and utilize countless medical staff, we could now administer the Cannarelief and watch them for much less time (15 to 30 minutes); significantly lessening the burden on my staff and allowing the patient to return to the event safely and calmly, without the added concern of additional narcotics and their effects. I cannot speak highly enough about the Cannarelief product. I have witnessed its benefits and can honestly say that I am a believer. In this new age of cannabis use and the variables in its strengths, each person who either partakes too much or is a first time user can certainly have a negative experience that can be frightening. Cannarelief is a natural hemp oil based product that can safely minimize and greatly lessen the negative effects experienced, while still allowing the person to experience the journey. I recommend this product and look forward to using it again and again in the treatment of my patients.
– Stephanie B. • Registered Nurse • Critical Care Transport Nurse • Mobile Intensive Care Nurse • BS Nursing

It’s that feeling when you think you’re only a little high, and then you go out into public and suddenly you realize you are really, really, really high. That’s what went and I guzzled a bottle of CannaRelief. I settled down with my partner and some video games and waited for the anxiety to subside. Within 20 minutes, my mind seemed clear of the haze that was blocking all ability to speak intelligibly, and talking with my partner no longer felt as nerve-wracking as a first date.
– Brett Konan, Leafly.com April 2017